facepass2This was written way back in early 2002. I have a whole new stash of goodies to apply to a mill/drill when I have a little bit of coin and time to throw at it, but as you can see, it’s not too hard to bang out a very small machine to play with.

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This is a 5 part collection of photos from various industrial machines I’ve built and/or serviced over the years.

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image002I originally wrote this as an article in August 2004 for Etobicoke Underwater Club’s newsletter Fins Below.  This was just after finding the club and realizing what it could do to improve my (to date) failing scuba diving career.  I thought this might be a fun first post, though the writing style feels a little immature to look back on it, I decided to preserve it more or less for posterity.

Pausing at a safety stop on the Niagara II
– Photo Gillian Ord

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